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Production equipment name model Quantity
CNC milling machine OLD-1165 1
OLD-V8 1
DMK-T55 5
G10NT-3S 1
Riveting machine YY8-500C 1
Riveting machine QY8-500C 1
Bending machine MG1030 1
PNC100 1
Bending machine WC67K 1
Pipe cutting machine WY300 1
Tapping machine SWJ-12 3
lathe C6Z41A1 1
Rolling machine HSY1200 1
Desktop precision press JB04-1 2
Shearing machine QC11Y-6X3100 1
laser machine DNE1530FBDX 1
Stud welding machine DFC-08 1
Argon welding machine TIG400 2
WSE-315 1
WS300 2
Carbon dioxide protection welding machine WF-21 1
NB270F 1
Spot welding DN-40QY1 1

Checking equipment list

equipment name specification Quantity
Optical image measuring instrument SRN3020 1
Caliper with watch 0-150mm 2
Caliper with watch 0-300mm 2
Outside micrometer 0-25mm 1
Caliper with watch 0-300mm 1
Vernier caliper 0-300mm 1
Vernier caliper 0-1000mm 1
Vernier caliper 0-150mm 1
Universal angle ruler 0-320° 1
Digital caliper 0-200mm 1

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